Getting Started

The WDL community depends on your involvement to thrive. You are encouraged to ask questions, help other users, and make contributions where you can. Interactions occur primarily on GitHub and Slack( The WDL community also has an official blog where announcements are made.

The WDL language specification contains all relevant information for users and developers, including those wanting to implement an execution engine.

Learning WDL

WDL Resources

Asking a Question

  • Search in the discussions to see if the question has been asked already; if not, start a new discussion.
  • Join our Slack and ask in the #support channel.
  • Search the Bioinformatics Stack Exchange for previously answered questions, or ask a new question.
  • Search the Google Group for previously answered questions. This group is largely inactive, so you’re encoraged to ask new questions in one of the above places instead.

Bugs and New Features

  • Search for an existing issue. If your issue has not already been reported, create a new one.
  • For feature reqeusts, you are encoraged to first start a discussion at one of the places listed above to get feedback from the community.
  • If you’d like to provide a fix/implementation for an issue, please read about contributing before submitting a pull request.

Published Workflows

The following are collections of open-source WDL workflows. The WDL task or workflow you need may already be available in one of these repositories, or you may find a similar workflow and customize it to your needs.